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MSP Motivation Assessment Program


Our role as a partner in this initiative is to develop and make available tools that MSPs can use to monitor the effectiveness of instructional and curriculum interventions with respect to student and teacher motivation. Specifically, we will provide measures of motivational beliefs (e.g., achievement goals, self-efficacy, value), affect, strategies for self-regulated learning, and epistemological beliefs about math and science.

Assessing these motivation-related constructs is important because considerable research demonstrates that students and teachers motivational beliefs and strategies can influence student learning and performance. Research also indicates that changes in these beliefs can precede or even occur in the absence of changes in cognitive outcomes. As such, the effectiveness of instructional interventions may not be fully recognized when motivation related outcomes are not assessed.

Although there are tools available to assess motivation, they are not necessarily easily accessible, nor in many instances is there consistent and reliable evidence of their validity. In addition, current measures are not necessarily aligned with the needs of MSPs. Our technical assistance will involve a highly reciprocal process that discerns MSP project needs and informs projects of resources available. When needed, we will work in partnership with MSPs to develop customized instruments suitable for specific subject-matter and targeted populations.