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MSP-Motivation Assessment Program First Year Report


MSP-MAP has accomplished virtually all of its Year 1 objectives during its first nine months of activity, and it will have completed them all during the remaining quarter. These include the following:

  • Conducted extensive reviews of the literature relevant to motivation-related assessment tools

  • Developed revised versions of several extant scales

  • Created new instruments

  • Established collaborative relationships with comprehensive and targeted MSPs and RETAs

  • Developed a model Measures of Understanding (MOU) suitable for use in connection with other MSP-MAP RETA projects as well as other RETA projects

  • Developed multi-scale customized protocols and administration procedures for MSPs

  • Fielded a set of instruments for one large MSP (data set expected soon)

  • Presented at one national conference and RETA workshop

  • Established our local and national advisory groups

MSP-MAP has also expanded its scope to include the following:

  • Teacher as well as student motivation-related assessment

  • Extensive cognitive pretesting of instruments

  • Item Response Theory (and Rasch) analyses

  • A dissemination conference